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CV in few Stations

Guitar since 2002
Deutsche POP Akademie – multimedia engineer
University of West London – Sound Engineer (Bac)
8 Years live sound engineer (Big Shows in Madison Square Garden NY, 02 Arena London, etc. – small shows, in Munich, Lustspielhaus, etc.)

about me - text

Since I started playing guitar at the age of 10, I was 100% sure that there was nothing else for me in life than creating music, art and media content.

As I grew up, I discovered my love for the digital approach to composing and producing. At the age of 15, I started to acquire the knowhow and infrastructure to become a multimedia engineer with a focus on sound engineering. After school, I established myself as a live sound engineer in the professional industry, mainly in the event industry, during my studies at the „Deutsch POP Akademie“ and then at the „University of West London“.

8 years of experience later, having also worked internationally and as a sound engineer on big shows for artists like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheran and many more in famous arenas like Madison Square Garden in New York or the O2 Arena in London, the Corona pandemic cancelled all the events I was booked for. Fortunately, I never lost my curiosity and didn’t stop learning.

On the website, on my Youtube channel or on Spotify etc. you can see the results of my learning experiences or listen to the music I produce for myself as a musician. Since mixing live shows is a highly demanding and exhausting job, I was always happy to get some variety in my working life. I appreciated working in different production studios or in my home studio so much that I always thought about starting my own studio. Through Corona, I now had a good reason to get involved with the idea of my own studio and I have absolutely not regretted it so far.