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There is so much more to record then music. For example podcasts. „Naturkosmetik München“ was a difficult client in terms of not forgetting that you are working. They recorded more then 30 Episodes with me and every recording felt allready like listening to a entertaining podcast.

Ruzanna Ramic is music educator and is operating her own kindergarten. To catch the good vibes and love in her sound isnt that difficult, because she got so much of it!

Because i am also a live sound engineer, i have a long history of live recordings in different venues and multiple shows. This one was the adorable „Hanna Sikasa“ in the Cord Club München.

Desideriacare is a nonprofit local comunity society. They want to clear up about their work with old people in need of care. Interesting, for everyone who wants to get old,or have relatives in need of care.

Another groovy live recording i did was „Groove Galaxy“ in the Cord Club München. If the musicians are that tight, that you bearly notice the difference to a studio recording, you have a fun time working.

I did the live sound for „Maldito“ for a view shows. We made this recording during that time. Great guys! Great music!

As i did the production for „Eldee & the Madmen“ we took our time to get the right vibes. The result speaks for it self.

If you got an artist like ilo in the studio theres honestly not that much to do. I just hit record and listen…

Recording audiobooks is a completly different challange then recording music. Listening to the recording of „die Adlerparabel“ from „Daniel Curl