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TrashBBX is an awesome Beatboxer and lofi beat producer. He gave me the honor to master his last 2 EP´s with a wiked result.

OSWALDVV is a rapper from Munic with french roots. I mastered, mixed and recorded the track, and Tigran Surnajchan produced the beat.

Owing to the rain contacted me after i did some Live recordings for them. Because they were great i decided to get to the next level with the production (Mix/Master) of their EP 42.

Another banger beat produced by my studio colleague Tigran Surnajchan for Wilsn. I had the honor to finish it with the recording, mixing and mastering.

Andi Welt inst just a really nice guy, he is a singer songwriter of hearttearing tunes. He gave me the pleasure to produce the second half of his new Ep 1/2.

Eldee & The Madmen is a singer songwriter duo from Belgium. Their EP „Borders“ was one of the first full Productions in my new Studio.

I love to work with international artists to enjoy new unknown vibes. Sangram Giri brought me nepalese Vocals at its finest. The vocal recordings and the mix / mastering of his single Hardina Ma was a nice experience for me.