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From classicle music to heavy metal to EDM. Pandamiac Studios offers compositions for everyones needs. It doesent matter wich genre or style, because if i havent the igniting idea by my self, i can alway rely on my network of professional musicians.

Juliane Habig with her company „Sensapur“ needed music for image videos. I think the result sounds as smooth as her cosmetic products feel.

Julia was searching for a producer/composer who produces tunes and write lyrics that let her shine as the talented singer she is. I am glad she instructed me to produce „Superwomen“.

One of the biggest and one of my personal favourite projects is Ruzanna Ramic´s Musical „Kunst Katzen“. She composed all of the Music and needed suport for the full production. So we took care of everything else and i had even the honor to voice in some of her characters. 

I am trying to be prepared for every genre or style of music. So also crazy crossover compositions
aren´t a problem at all.

Cloudy moon

von Pandamiac | First travels of Pandamiac

Manuela Kordel from „Rocketpics“ makes boring and complicated content with her drawings to an easy understandable eyecatcher. With her animated drawings as inspiration, it was a piece of cake to compose her title music.

The roots of Pandamiac Studios and its development with audioengineering started at first with electronic productions with focus on heavy sounddesing. Here is an example.

Andrea, aka „Ohlala Solala“ condacts a succsesfull Youtube channel with contagious joy of life. As she asked me for music, she could use in her videos, she set me alight as well.

Pandamiac Studios and Drum and Base music are good old friends. Here is a child, born from that love.

As we mentioned, because of the big demand we´re producing a lot of beats.Tigranis our companies main composer and really skilled in a lot of different music. But where he especially comes to shine are his hiphop productions. They speak for it self:

A nice project in which we were able to combine two of our core competences was the EP of „Marquis de Sade“. We did the full production and the composing on this piece.

Every good Producer should be able to compose beats. We have a big library you can chose from, or in this case, we´re producing custom beats like this one for „Dr.Sterben„.