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3D renderings of products is one of the most important industry branches of CGI companies. Meanwhile the techniqes are that cost efficient, that in many cases its much more affordable to use 3D renderings, even for fotorealistic videos, than hiring a full video team to get the job done.

As i figured out togehter with my colleague Carmen Schweiger from „Ohne weil“ how we could mix my 3D renderings with her 2D animations i was imediatley hooked. I love the style and cant wait to produce more of it!

Here are a view game characters, from a game i am currently working on, in cooperation with zurreal studios.

For individual artists and their purposes you definitive need custom 3D assets. In this case we sculpted, retopologyzed , textured and rendered the head of our client „Mecagothits“ to use it in different music clips.

This is another audio reactive motion graphic made for „Eno Gata„. 

Something we´re getting hired for quite frequently are audio reactive motion graphics that can be used for DJing. This one we made for Vineline Records.

Spotify canvas are small video sequenzes musicians can run in the background while their music gets played on Spotify. This one we made for Matej Bellues and his terrific first solo project called „Monkey Park“.

Pandamiac Studios is founded by the intention of combining different kinds of media in one piece. Productions profit enormous if they are from the same mould, especially if you want to merge two pieces like a video to a music production. One way of doing this is to use the Audio as control signals for video or 3D software. The results are stunning audio reactive motion graphics wich cant be a closer visualization to the music, because they are directly controlled by it.

We also offering lyric cinematic overlays. This one is hand writen by Andi Welt and digitalized by us. 

As „Kid the child“ arrived in our Studio we just wanted to record so aditional vocals for their track. But in the end they hired us for spicing up their music video with some drawn animations, as you can see.

Personal emojis or animated gifs are sometimes the best businesscard you can get.

For sure we are often our own clients.


Here is a collection of work Pandamiac produced for clients and on his own in 2019.

We picked this album cover artwork we made for Birgit Wunsch from „Wunschmusik“ to illustrade the journey the artwork has to get over with till its matches the expectations of our costumers perfectly. You can see all the demos we did after the first meeting till the final finished rendering.